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Number 2 people are considered to be most compatible with number 8 and 9 people and to not get along well with number Numerology Compatibility for 3. Number 3 people are considered to be most compatible with number 1 and 6 people and to not get along well with number Numerology Compatibility for 4. Number 4 people are considered to be most compatible with number 8 people and to not get along well with number 3 people Numerology Compatibility for 5. Number 5 people are considered to be most compatible with number 1 and 3 people and to not get along well with number They do not want to be centre of attention, unlike the number three.

The number three will tend to feel awkward when they are not in a love relationship.

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Number four values the family. This is great for the number two. There is a need for fulfilment in romantic relationships for both numbers. They have a love of freedom but are often burned with responsibility. The good news is that the five can support the number two in life. The number five has lots of freedom and they are curious.

They are very highly sexed and their life will be adventurous. The number two can be rather insecure. The number six know that they can set an example Here we have a combination of strong family values. Both numbers usually do well in positions of responsibility and trust. This is a fantastic relationship that will enable both parties to be happy and have confidence. They both have a strong need for love.

The traits of the seven means at times they like to be by themselves and they do not want people to invade their space. They may spend a long time looking at a relationship and analysing this.

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There is a lack of shared ambition this relationship. The number two values family life. Comparison of both these numbers suggests that this relationship will be seldom easy.

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Be sure to keep the lines of communications open. The number two can easily be hurt this is one of their negative trait number eight is very ambitious. They learn how to save money and execute their talents well.

They are an expert in business matters and taking charge. This combination may struggle because of the hard working eight. The eight likes to organise things and will not mind that the number to takes care of the home. Both these combinations enjoy peaceful living.

The good news is that both numbers are associated with being family orientated. In fact, the number two numbers relishes the role of being the carer. If we look at both numbers individually, they enjoy being together. They are romantic and there will be passion within this relationship going forward.

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There's going to be an interesting business proposition or idea between the two and nine numbers. They have a shared responsibility in life and the family must come first. The eight as an organiser in life. They enjoy making sure that everything is in its place and are considered a perfectionist. The number two will not mind this. The eight is generally the breadwinner in life and will make sure that the number two is comfortable.

If the number two is a male then this indicates that they will lean on the number eight for emotional support even if they are the breadwinner. We have looked at the way that numerology is calculated. You will find many websites show different ways to calculate the love compatibility, however the one used here it's from the ancient scrolls. We have also looked at adding double figures in order to get a single digit, however if the name equals 22 then this is significant.

The 22 is a significant number if love numerology. The number 22 has lots of visions they understand what's right and what's wrong. They do find some things are rather unimportant. This could be finance issues or alternatively how they're perceive the world. These little things are unimportant to the number 22 but are important to the number two.

There could be possible tension in the relationship going forward. Both these numbers have similar traits. They are spontaneous, friendly, outgoing and have real pleasure spending time with each other. The three is very manipulative in love relationships, they like to see things working well. The five appreciates the three good qualities and understand that they can be somewhat flirtatious. In comparison, the five can be seductive had also this is exciting. The two numbers together indicate a successful combination. Seven is associated with seriousness, unlike the number three.

The number three does not care too much about other people apart from those in the family unit. One would say that both three and seven are opposites in every way. In essence, each of the numbers has something - the other one needs. In all seriousness, the sevens will have more depth in life.

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The three has fantastic creative writing ability they also have the ability to multitask they could meet at work due to a combination of successful traits from a career perspective. The only negative side of such relationship is that they must understand each other and make sure that they can resolve any conflict going forward. Number three is naturally jealous and assertive in life. The good news is that this combination will often have a smooth relationship the challenge will lie in the number one having to understand the number eight. The number eight can sometimes show traits of being quite hermit-like.

This will annoy the number three.

Numerology Number 9

At times the three can come across as being somewhat immature. The nine is serious and wise, they have an immense amount of understanding of how the world works.

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This can sometimes lead to conflict between the two numbers. There is an issue with sympathy in terms of this companionship. They need to make sure that they encourage each other in life. Both these numbers have creative interests. They enjoy listening to music and spending time with each other. Both these numbers are light-hearted when it comes to life in general.

The combination can be either extremely successful or a complete failure. The 11 is quite articulate in the way they speak and communicates well.


This will help the number three in all avenues of life. This combination is extremely lucky- they create a great loving home. They value the family and the number six is one of the most harmonious numbers within numerology. They are responsible adults and enjoy looking after that family.

The problem or issues that may arise from this combination is that they can sometimes get themselves caught into a right. Four and eight. This combination means that from times conflict will definitely happen. At times there is also periods of change. This can unsettle the number 4. At the same time, the number 5 will show all her support for this to change and make sure the partnership remains strong. They must be willing to share the ambition and the vitality of life. The number 4 understands that we only have one life and that we must grasp it.

This combination on the outset can look harmonious, if we look at the numerology of both numbers it represents that they will get on well. One would say that they are the best of friends, this can also become very difficult if they do become too friendly and lose the intimacy within the relationship. However, this time should be focused upon making sure you get what you want from life. Having a few moments on your own looking at the relationship and how it is is very important to you is essential.

This number combination will only work well if the ambition is shared. There is a goal that you must be willing to achieve together. There may be some issues around thinking things are bigger than you really are. It is important to make sure that both of you sacrifice things in a relationship.

A shared vision is important.

The Meaning of Number 8

The four and eight combination it is quite interesting. Numerology can tell us of failed relationships and also those that more successful the combination of the two and eight indicates equal souls. They are both even numbers. Number four would have to come to come to terms with humanity and life in general and indeed all of creation.

And lots of sexual energy! Consequently, you may find yourself sharing more love and compassion with family, friends and community. It is a period of reflection. This would be a good time to write and be alone with a creative project. This is a powerful month for you to step out of the box and use your unique intuition and let go of judgments. Once you discover your personal month numerology theme, you can use the above descriptions to help you cope and thrive. Click here to schedule a simple one answer reading through email or skype. My reading with you was a pivotal, powerful moment in my life and I am grateful and frankly awed.

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